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Beach holidays

Relax on a luxury beach holiday.

Culture Tours

Tours focused on stories or history, authentically exploring destinations.

Sporting Events

Packages for sporting events including guaranteed tickets.


Tailor made safari packages to help you acheive your wildlife holiday goals.

Group Tours

Solo, couple or group; embark upon our advertised tours in our most popular locations.

Adventure Holidays

Want to tread the path less taken and explore new or more unchartered destinations?  These holidays are for you.

Winter sports

Skiing, snowboarding or serious winter shopping and Apres ski, whatever gets you going plan your trip around you.

Ultra Luxury

For when only the very best is good enough.

Multi Centre

Feel like exploring The Levant?  Crossing between countries in South East Asisa, let us assist in building your itinerary and ensuring seemless transitions.

Yacht Tours

Cruise from city to city, beach resort to beach resort or explore the various different clusters of islands in Greece or the Caribbean, the choice is yours.

Private Jet Air Cruises

What better way to explore larger countries such as Saudi Arabia where points of interest are spread out and driving would be far too time consuming or to build itineraries to see multiple countries at once for as long as you like.


All aboard.  Luxury cruise liners to suit your style and with the ideal routes in mind.

Train Journeys

Whether an avid train enthusiast or looking for something different in this modern age, these luxury train journeys are for you.

City Breaks

Looking for gastronomic breaks, to see beautiful architecture or to shop in the world's most incredible boutiques, then a city break is just right.

River Cruises

From Europe to South America, take the time to see glorious countrysides, cities and waterways from our prestigious boats.

Round the world trips

Looking to spend some time out? A round the world trip is for most, a once a lifetime incredible vacation.  Our team work with you to put together complex itineraries based on your chosen transport methods.

You decide

Have a plan in your head, fancy combining different aspects of a trip or need help with something in particular; let us know.


Each of us is unique, as is our love and our chosen ways to celebrate, tell us what matters to you and leave the rest to us.

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